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NGO Gospel Hiroba
("Hiroba" is a Japanese word meaning "square," a place where people gather.)

  Our Mission: Sing in Unity. Live in Peace.
-Bring peace to the soul of Japanese people through singing
-Bring peace to the world by donating a portion of our profit to charity activities.

Concert video:

Tour to Laos:

Tour to Cambodia:

  Our Activities:
NGO Gospel Hiroba was founded in Oct 2007. Our first charity event was held in May 2008, and the studio called Gospel Square, which is our core activity, started in June 2008. In Feb 2009, our subsidiary group called Sunnyside Gospel Club started in Yokohama and three cities in Mie prefecture, which has been spreading all over Japan.

To our surprise, the number of members of our studio reached 300 in its sixeth month, and of Sunnyside Gospel Club reached 200 in its third month. By the end of 2013, the total number grew near 2000. The age of our members ranges from teenagers to 60s, but mainly 25-40 years old. Some may wonder how come we can find so many people who can sing, but the majority of them do not have any musical background.

 Why we do what we do:
In Japan today, many young people were brought up without a sense of community. In consequence, many live by themselves in the huge city of Tokyo with no one to turn to, or even to talk to after work. “Depression” is becoming a social phenomena, which indicates that many struggle to find confidence in themselves, hope in their lives, or love with other people.

Symbolized by Karaoke, singing is one of the most popular means of communication in Japan. However, unlike the old days when there were plenty of singing opportunities such as festivals or any kind of group work including agriculture and fishery, today dark small rooms of Karaoke bars are only places left for ordinary (non-professional) people to sing.

Our mission is to provide a “spiritual home” for those people where they can gather and SING, SING, SING! Sometimes we go out to perform at concerts. We believe that singing out loud with many other people can bring peace to their soul. Moreover, many people say they are moved by encouraging messages in the Gospel Music.

We also use our activities as a way to raise money for international cooperation projects. With a portion of our profit, we help funding vocational centers (sewing training centers) in Sri Lanka, local hospital in a rural area of Nepal, elementary schools in Senegal, waterwell project in Kenya,and send scholarships for children in Laos and Cambodia.


Our unique activities have been covered by nationwide TV programs, Newspapers and magazines.

“through singing Gospel, many participants witness
  positive changes in their perspective on life”
- Jenna, Founder


Contact : jenna@gospel-sq.com